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The professional artists of the Silver Brush gallery, Viktor Markelov and Elena Cor, can paint you a portrait, landscape, flower arrangement, pet portrait, or a replica of a work of art, among other things. They work quickly and produce high-quality, affordable pieces. A painting is a great gift for friends and family. Yours can be done in the medium of your choice: oil, watercolor, pastel, etc. Prices start at EUR 100. These masters can also do wall paintings for your office, cafe, home or business. In addition they can do beautiful glass paintings that will make your door or window into a work of art. You can also order decorative interior painting. The restaurant "Saslikki" in Helsinki is a great example: the walls are covered with fine gold-colored decorative paintings. The walls and windowsills inside the coffee shop "Samovar" on Sofiankatu Street are another example.

Pencil drawing webinar

Master-class of Victor Markelov in the Hopeinen Sivellin gallery