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Viktor and Elena

Viktor and Elena studied painting in St. Petersburg, Russia, under well-known instructors. Victors diploma was approved by the famous artist Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsovits. Elena's favorite teacher was the skilled and talented artist Nikolai Sazhin. Since those days Elena and Viktor have had exhibitions all over the world, including in Germany, France, Finland , Kazakhstan, Australia, and Russia. For several years they made paintings for Polish and French art galleries and auctions, and learned Flemish painting techniques. After that they developed their portrait, landscape and outdoor painting skills. Six years ago Victor and Elena opened their own gallery, Hopeinen Sivellin (Silver Brush), in Helsinki, at Runeberginkatu 17. Now they work successfully as art teachers, instructing in a wide range of techniques. Currently they have more than a hundred students in their Silver Brush Art School and a college group in the Hamina region, at Haminan Kansalaisopisto. Victor and Elena also do wall paintings and stained glass. In the Novgorod region the icons they made for the Troitskaya church were designed by Victor. Elena paints icons using the classic technique of egg and tempera, and teaches icon painting. Viktor and Elena also paint pictures from their imaginations, without using any models. Besides painting, they do other things as well. For example, they have made dolls with children, and held performances in their own doll theater. Elena has written a few plays, with one of them being translated into Finnish and performed in Finland. The accompanying music for that play was provided by their son, Andrey Markelov, a musician and composer. At the moment Victor and Elena have a lot of creative ideas and interesting projects ongoing.





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