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Viktor and Elena

Viktor and Elena studied painting in St. Petersburg, Russia, under well-known instructors. Victors diploma was approved by the famous artist Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsovits. Elena's favorite teacher was the skilled and talented artist Nikolai Sazhin. Since those days Elena and Viktor have had exhibitions all over the world, including in Germany, France, Finland , Kazakhstan, Australia, and Russia. For several years they made paintings for Polish and French art galleries and auctions, and learned Flemish painting techniques. After that they developed their portrait, landscape and outdoor painting skills. Six years ago Victor and Elena opened their own gallery, Hopeinen Sivellin (Silver Brush), in Helsinki, at Runeberginkatu 17. Now they work successfully as art teachers, instructing in a wide range of techniques. Currently they have more than a hundred students in their Silver Brush Art School and a college group in the Hamina region, at Haminan Kansalaisopisto. Victor and Elena also do wall paintings and stained glass. In the Novgorod region the icons they made for the Troitskaya church were designed by Victor. Elena paints icons using the classic technique of egg and tempera, and teaches icon painting. Viktor and Elena also paint pictures from their imaginations, without using any models. Besides painting, they do other things as well. For example, they have made dolls with children, and held performances in their own doll theater. Elena has written a few plays, with one of them being translated into Finnish and performed in Finland. The accompanying music for that play was provided by their son, Andrey Markelov, a musician and composer. At the moment Victor and Elena have a lot of creative ideas and interesting projects ongoing.



The professional artists of the Silver Brush gallery, Viktor Markelov and Elena Cor, can paint you a portrait, landscape, flower arrangement, pet portrait, or a replica of a work of art, among other things. They work quickly and produce high-quality, affordable pieces. A painting is a great gift for friends and family. Yours can be done in the medium of your choice: oil, watercolor, pastel, etc. Prices start at EUR 100. These masters can also do wall paintings for your office, cafe, home or business. In addition they can do beautiful glass paintings that will make your door or window into a work of art. You can also order decorative interior painting. The restaurant "Saslikki" in Helsinki is a great example: the walls are covered with fine gold-colored decorative paintings. The walls and windowsills inside the coffee shop "Samovar" on Sofiankatu Street are another example.


Art School

Painting courses (including icon painting) are held several days a week in the beautiful and spacious main room of the Silver Brush gallery. There is a happy, creative atmosphere in the courses – and there is always tea! Here you will get professional training. You can choose to study oil painting, watercolor, acrylic painting or pastels, while learning how to do portrait, landscape, flower arrangement or icon painting. And because there is a personal approach to each student, you can start any time you like! Both beginners and advanced students are welcome, and there is no age limit. There’s no risk, either – you can try the first lesson for free.



At Silver Brush Gallery there are frequently-changing exhibitions of interesting artists from all over the world. The gallery has a beautiful and bright 40-square-meter room, with a wall-sized window. Located in the center of Helsinki, it’s an easy five-minute walk from the Kamppi metro station. Artists can rent the exhibition space for an appropriate time and at an affordable price. For your opening you can also order additional services, like picture catalogues, posters, live music, and video recording. It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and relatives and provide them with an unforgettable evening in our beautiful Silver Brush gallery! Welcome!



At Silver Brush gallery you can have your work framed or matted – depending on the medium – under glass. Pick out suitable frame material from our collection of samples, and skilled masters will make a fine frame or matting for you. Prices are lower than average, with an ordinary frame (size 30x40, width 4 cm) being around EUR 25. Frame designs can be viewed under ‘Services’.

Art Supplies Shop

Stone Jewelry Icon Painting Supplies / Painting Supplies: Icon boards, pigments, icon paintbrushes, magnifying glasses, etc. You can buy ready icon boards, or you can order special-sized boards. High-quality paintbrushes, papers etc. Canvases

Printing Services

In our gallery we can print different images. If you have important old or new photographs and want to make copies of them, remove damage or edit the photos (for example, add or remove objects from them), bring them to us. The artists will make a copy, modify the image on the computer, and can then print large or small photos for you. In addition, we can print photos on canvas, for which you can immediately select the appropriate frame to be built by our masters. You can order invitations, thank you cards, photographs or anything else printed on paper or canvas, as well.






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